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Report from the Director

As we attend this last Board meeting of 2023, I wanted to say Congratulations to the Section Board and Chair Mark Rosso on a successful year. Thank you to John Keith for organizing the conference for us this year and welcome to Christian Spitzley, our friend and AWWA VP from Michigan. I also want to thank all the committee chairs and members who have continued to serve the Section and provide all of the support and services that our members have come to rely on.

As we close out 2023, let's look forward to 2024 with some important activities:

I'll remind everyone to read the weekly Section Services newsletters. I want to highlight some other information from recent Section Services newsletters:

In closing, thank you to all our volunteers and for all the good work you do. The Board continues to be flexible and nimble in handling changes to the Board this year and you all have worked very hard to continue to do the great things the Section does. I'm proud of how we represent AWWA.