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Chair's Report

Hello and welcome to 2023 and the journey of why we do what we do.

If you recall at Fall Conference, I asked the membership if we knew what, how, when and where we do what we do. Most everyone nodded, yes, we know these things. Not as many could nod, yes, that they knew why we do what we do.

I mentioned that I am inspired by the things, people and teams I help create. It's inspiring to know that the first reverse osmosis water treatment plant I designed is still operating as well as it did in 1999. I get jazzed up by helping our young professionals learn and move into higher responsibility. Since I have been on the Board, I have had the opportunity to work with many fantastic industry professionals who have helped me grow, both personally and professionally.

Let's investigate why we do what we do and continue to lay the foundation for a plan to do more of that in the years to come. As Chair, I hope to do just a few things very well. We can't do everything.

I'd like us to update the Standard Operating Procedures as some have become dated because current business practices have outgrown the current world. We need to identify one element of the Strategic Plan and implement that action or activity. Our Bylaws need updating and that activity has already started thanks to Maggie Vaulman at AWWA.

We need to work on increasing member numbers as the Section has lost many members to retirement and pandemic budget cuts. We saw this coming in our member survey about ten years ago.

I am interested in hearing from the Board and our Committees on initiatives for 2023 and would challenge each committee to do one thing exceptionally well in 2023. I am looking forward to chairing such a great organization of people who protect the world's greatest resource.