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Archives Committee Seeks Your Help

The Nebraska Section - American Water Works Association is putting together a Nebraska Section History Booklet, similar to one the section published in 1981. We are asking for all members to send in a brief (1/2-page to 1-page) summary of your water system's history.

In your summary, please share items like how your system was started, when it was first installed, and what it consisted of at the time. We would also appreciate other timeline items, noting changes such as treatment, new sources, and major changes in the operation (reservoirs, piping, etc.). Please also tell us where the system is today: How many miles of pipe (including sizes and materials), meters, valves, and fire hydrants?

Also, please tell us about your people: The number of total employees, certifications, awards, future planning, and number of years as a member of the AWWA.

If you would get with Rob Pierce or one of the Archives Committee members, we would like to include your system history in the book. We have a start on some systems but need your help.

Deadline is April 30, 2022 for all materials, so if you would, please let us know your history! Thanks!