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Operator Training Postponed Due to COVID-19

DHHS Water Operator Training Courses

In light of the current coronavirus issues and corresponding Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance relative to large group gatherings, the Public Water Supply Program has decided to postpone for the time being, Department conducted water operator training courses scheduled for the remainder of this year. This includes the Grade IV, III, and I & II courses.

We are following the coronavirus issues closely, and taking a "wait and see" approach to the currently scheduled courses.

Individuals who have preregistered for an upcoming water operator training course will be notified at least a week prior to the scheduled course and be informed on whether the scheduled course will be conducted or cancelled.

Our hope is that the coronavirus issue will subside in the next few months so we can proceed with those future courses as currently scheduled, and attempt to reschedule those previous courses which may have been cancelled.

Individual Water Operator Examinations

Individual water operator examinations conducted at Program Field Offices on a monthly basis will continue to be offered as in the past with a modification.

Program staff are currently working from the office and working from home on alternate weeks to minimize the risk of coronavirus exposure.

As such, the normal schedule (first Monday of the month) for water operator examinations may be adjusted in some field territories to accommodate the work location schedule.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Michael Wentink, R.E.H.S.
Division of Public Health
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services