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Using NE-WARN to Respond to COVID-19

NEWARN Members,

We are all in the middle of dealing with this extremely fast-changing emergency.

All operators are at potential risk for COVID-19 which could impact our communities' water and wastewater systems. I want to remind all of you of the resource that NEWARN is right now. This can be a helpful way to ensure your community staffing plan is being met. You can submit via the website or we can help directly if you need to call me or other WARN board members.

This is a unique situation and will require careful consideration before one system offers mutual aid to another system. The guidance I have received indicates that if an operator uses the precautions set out by the CDC it is safe for them to assist another system. All systems need to ensure they can meet the needs of their own system first. Here is the link from the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/water.html.

Keep in mind the recommendations from CDC to limit groups to 10 or less in all situations for the next 15 days.

The NEWARN website is located at NEWARN.org. If you do not have your system information updated on the website now would be a good time.

Lastly if you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me at (402) 443-3222 or to Dennis Watts at (402) 844-2210.

We will be sending this message out across multiple email chains (so you are not seeing double).

Thank you and be safe!

NEWARN Chairman
Ryan Hurst
Utilities General Manager
Wahoo Utilities