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Chad Roberts - 2021 Fuller Award


(Submitted by Eric Lee)

The Fuller Committee is very excited to present the George Warren Fuller Award this year, especially to resume this tradition in the wake of our unprecedented circumstances last year.

This year's awardee started their career in the drinking water industry 24 years ago and has served his employer and the industry with true commitment, professionalism and passion for the work involved in the drinking water field.

As Treatment Plant Supervisor, this individual is responsible for organizing, directing and assisting with plant operators and staff, in the overall operations of two water treatment plants. This individual has demonstrated a definite talent for automated operations utilizing SCADA controlled systems and has worked extensively with staff and outside contractors in developing and maintaining these complex systems. As such, a tremendous amount of monetary savings to the utility were realized because of his talents and determination.

This year's award recipient has served as the Nebraska Section AWWA Chair, separate committee chairs, and has given his time, energy and talent in multiple ways to the Section over the years. His efforts for the Section have been truly appreciated by many.

Other accomplishments include:

Another key point in this individual's life is his commitment to his family and maintaining a healthy balance of work and enjoying family time. Married in 1998, three wonderful children have followed and now they outnumber the parents! Weeklong family summer vacations to the Black Hills to visit Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial, camping, hiking, Merritt reservoir is another favorite place (I would guess some fishing is involved here) even during some very stormy weather! This year's recipient not only has served the drinking water industry with commitment, professionalism and dedication, He truly displays the same outstanding character traits with family and friends.

This year's Fuller Award committee is proud to present the 2021 George Warren Fuller Award to Mr. Chad Roberts.