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Wise Water Words (three issues)

January 15: Board meeting minutes

January 18: National AWWA Board of Directors meeting

March 15: Board meeting minutes

April 29: Arsenic and old wells: Nebraska towns looking at estimated cost of $120 million to make drinking water safeGovernor Johanns proclaims National Drinking Water Week, May 2-8

May 20: Board meeting minutes

June: National Conference photos

June 12: National AWWA Executive Committee Meeting, June 12, 2004, Orlando, FL

July 8: North Platte says its water is safe, clean

July 14: Water use in Nebraska

July 15: Board meeting minutes

July 22: Water law worries city users

July 31: New construction will ensure Blair's water supply

October 4: Steps to Limit Lead Exposure

October 14: Fall Conference agenda -- page 1; page 2

October 14: Several U.S. utilities being investigated for lead; water agencies have hidden or misrepresented test results, tests show -- Washington Post

October 25: Fall Conference vendor list

October 25: September 16 board meeting

December 1: Public works chief is ready for change

November 8: Water system expected to spur growth

November 10: Federal Regulatory System Effective Dates from Nebraska Health & Human Services

November 12: Fall Conference photosNovember 12: Fall Conference board minutes

November 13: Lake, park proposed for west edge of Omaha

November 15: Jackman steps down as public works chief

November 16: Papillion Creek system to get master plan

November 19: NRD board unanimous for lake