Posted: June 23, 2004

National AWWA Executive Committee Meeting
June 12, 2004, Orlando, FL


    1. Approved revisions to the Archie E. Becher, Jr. Award changing the makeup of the awards committee to the Presidents of AWWA and Water For People and the immediate past five recipients of the award.
    2. Approved revisions to the Outstanding Service to AWWA Award adding a five-year limitation to the list of candidates, with an opportunity to re-nominate.


Approved amendments to the following Governing Documents articles:

    1. Article XII-Board of Directors. Changes the voting procedure for Director-at-Large stating that the candidate receiving the most votes shall be elected.
    2. Article IV-Standards Council. Provides consistency with the AWWA Strategic Plan and directives from the American National Standards Institute, plus editorial changes.


    1. Accepted the 2003 Audited Financial Statements and Memorandum of Advisory Comments.
    2. Approved the renewal of a $300,000 line of credit with Bank One. The interest rate will be the prime rate charged by Bank One. This is a no fee line of credit.
    3. Approved the three Bank Resolutions that designate the authorized depository institutions for AWWA trading accounts, authorized signers, and authorizes the President to negotiate the terms of the line of credit with Bank One.
    4. Approved the appointment of Langan Associates, P. C. as auditors for the 2004 financial records and tax return preparation at a cost of $44,045.
    5. Approved lowering the 2005 student membership fee from $40 to $25.


Approved the following policy statements:

    1. Developing and Managing Water Resources (Reaffirmation)
    2. Management of Groundwater (Reaffirmation)
    3. Reclaimed Water for Public Water Supply Purposes (Revision)
    4. Recreational Use of Domestic Water Supply Reservoirs (Revision)
    5. Residential Fire Sprinklers (Reaffirmation)


Approved revisions to the following Section Bylaws:

    1. Indiana Section
    2. Minnesota Section
    3. NEWWA, A Section of AWWA

Approved revisions to the Standard Section Bylaws encouraging sections to consider the Association's commitment to diversity and the involvement of young professionals in nominating members for the Section Board of Trustees.


Approved the following AWWA standards:

    1. C300-04, AWWA Standard for Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe, Steel-Cylinder Type
    2. B300-04, AWWA Standard for Hypochlorites
    3. B451-04, AWWA Standard for Poly (Diallyldimethyl-Ammonium Chloride)
    4. C512-04, AWWA Standard for Air Release, Air/Vacuum, and Combination Air Valves for Waterworks Service
    5. C550-04, AWWA Standard for Protective Interior Coatings for Valves and Hydrants
    6. C563-04, AWWA Standard for Fabricated Composite Slide Gates
    7. C907-04, AWWA Standard for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Fittings, 4 In. to 12 In. for Water Distribution
    8. D104-04, AWWA Standard for Automatically Controlled Impressed-Current Chathodic Protection for the Interior of Steel Water Tanks


Approved revisions to the AWWA Campaign and Election Guidelines.

Recommended Marco Island, FL as the site for the winter 2007 Board of Directors' meeting.

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