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Nebraska Section AWWA Board Minutes
March 15, 2004

Meeting was held on March 15, 2004 at Columbus Council Chambers. Meeting began at 9:30 a.m. Present were: Kevin Tobin, Chuck Thomerson, Kristine Ranslem, Rob Pierce, John Miriovsky, Lash Chaffin, Dave Jundt, Rich Koenig, Bruce Dvorak and Dennis Watts. Motion made by John Miriovsky to approve the January 15, 2004 minutes; seconded by Bruce Dvorak. Motion approved by all to accept the January minutes.

Treasurer's Report

Kevin Tobin gave the treasurer's report. Motion to approve treasurer's report was made by Dennis Watts; seconded by Bruce Dvorak. Motion approved by all.

Director's Report ­ no report.

Committee Reports

Old Business

  1. Board briefly discussed the strategic plan. Larry Andreasen was unable to attend this meeting. This will be addressed at future meeting.
  2. The 2004 budget was approved with one amendment to the budget. That amendment was to change the public information budget from $1,000 to $1,500. John Miriovsky made the motion to approve the amendment, seconded by Dennis Watts. Approved by all.
  3. Discussed proposed registration fees for annual conference. The current $65 fee has been in place for as long as board members could recall. The board felt due to the increased expenses incurred in the fall conference, we should raise the conference fees to $75 or $80.

New Business

  1. Water conservation commercial proposal on NTV ­ Lash Chaffin discussed the specifics of the TV commercial proposal. We looked at a 30-second promotional video by NTV. It was felt this would be good advertising for AWWA. The board voted to put a maximum of $1,500 towards commercials.
  2. Next item was the Regional Meeting of Section Officers, April 30 through May 1, 2004. This meeting will be held in Rapid City SD. It was mentioned this is very good training for new officers and we would like to see as many people attend as possible.
  3. Paid Staff Memorandum of Understanding ­ Kris Ranslem brought up that Carolyn contacted her about possibly having a set annual fee instead of an hourly rate. Kris felt we should have a committee review this. The overall consensus was that the $10,000 budget is about all that can be afforded at this time, so will not go over this amount.
  4. Discussion was held on the change in the bylaws regarding whether an audit or review needs done every three years. John Miriovsky clarified the wording in the bylaws. The sections that have changed are 6.4 and 8.5; these will be published in the Wise Water Words and voted on at the annual fall conference.

Dennis Watts made motion to adjourn the meeting. Kevin Tobin seconded, all approved.

Submitted for approval April 23, 2004 by Michael Wentink, NSAWWA secretary.

Next scheduled NSAWWA Board Meeting is May 20, 9:30 a.m., at the Fremont Municipal Building, 400 E. Military Ave.

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