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January 18, 2004

Natonal AWWA Board of Directors Meeting Highlights
San Juan, Puerto Rico


1. Approved the 2004 Awards as follows:

a. A.P. Black Research Award: James K. Edzwald (NEWWA, A Section of AWWA)

b. Abel Wolman Award of Excellence: Steven Bonk (OWWA, A Section of AWWA)

c. Archie E. Becher, Jr. Award: Gary Sullivan (AWWA Staff)

d. Award of Merit: Senator Mike Crapo (Washington, D. C.)

e. Distinguished Public Service Award: Robert L. Wubbena (Pacific-Northwest Section)

f. Diversity Award: Yasser M. AbouAish (Minnesota Section)

g. Exemplary Source Water Protection Award:

Small System ­ Village of Milford, (Michigan Section); Medium System ­ City of Battle Creek (Michigan Section); Large System ­ Portland Water Bureau (Pacific Northwest Section)

h. Honorary Member Awards:

Jack M. G. Bryck (Arizona Section)
Lou Allyn Byus (Illinois Section)
Julius Ciaccia, Jr. (Ohio Section)
Lewis A. Graham, Jr. (South Carolina Section)
Clair Olivers (Pacific Northwest Section)
David B. Paris (NEWWA, A Section of AWWA)
David J. Rexing (California-Nevada Section)
Ross D. Walker (Pacific Northwest Section)
Charles T. (Ted) Way (California-Nevada Section)
Robert F. Willis (Pacific Northwest Section)

i. OpFlow Publications Award: Connie K. Schreppel

j. Outstanding Service to AWWA Award: Kay Kutchins (Texas Section)

k. Public Communications Achievement Award: Patsy Clark (Michigan Section); San Antonio Water System (Texas Section)

l. Publications Award: Gregory W. Harrington and Daniel R. Noguera (Wisconsin Section); Alicia I. Kandou (Ohio Section); David J. Vanhoven (New York Section)

i. Water Industry Hall of Fame Award: Gordon Finch (Western Canada Section); William O. Lynch (New York Section)

2. Approved revisions to the Public Communications Achievement Award to clarify the nomination procedure for those submitting nominees. Other minor changes were made for clarity.

3. Approved a one-year pilot program to allow Division Best Paper Awards and the Publications Award to be judged on a calendar year basis, instead of the current June-to-June process.


4. Approved the 2004 Budget with projected income of $27,334,600, projected expenses of $27,089,800, resulting in a net income of $244,800, and capital expenditures of $568,900.

3. Approved the 2004 section allotments as follows:

Allotments (including Government Affairs Allotment) -- $1,389,900
WITAF Dues Rebate to Canadian Sections -- $16,100

4. Approved the 2005 dues rates for Individuals, Utilities, and Service Providers. Approved in concept the four-year dues plan for Individual, Utility, and Service Provider Members. The Finance Committee, Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors will be asked to review and approve actual dues rates for the years 2006-2007 one-year in advance of implementation.

5. Approved the "Whistleblower Policy." The Sarbannes-Oxley Act which was passed in 2002 created federal sanctions for nonprofits against destruction of documents and retaliation against whistleblowers. Experts have recommended that nonprofits adopt a policy regarding retaliation against whistleblowers.


6. Approved in second reading Bylaws Article III-Board of Directors. Gives sections the option of designating any section member to serve as alternate, or to have the option of naming a proxy.

7. Approved amendments to the following Governing Documents articles:

a. Article IV-Administrative & Policy Council. Adds a liaison from the Diversity & Member Involvement Committee to the council.

b. Articles IV-Administrative & Policy Council, XII-Board of Directors, XX-International Council. Eliminates the Thursday Board of Directors' meeting held during the annual conference.

c. Articles XI-Sections and XII-Board of Directors. Changes the process for reimbursement of Director expenses for the winter Board meeting.

d. Article XII-Board of Directors. Adds one liaison each from the Diversity & Member Involvement and Young Professionals Committees to the Strategic Planning Committee.



8. Approved revisions to the following policy statements:

a. Metering & Accountability

b. Regionalization of Water Utilities

c. Safety


9. Approved revisions to the Hawaii Section Bylaws:


10. Approved the following standards:

a. B102-04, AWWA Standard for Manganese Greensand for Filters (First Edition)

b. B301-04, AWWA Standard for Liquid Chlorine (Revision)

c. C215-04, AWWA Standard for Extruded Polyolefin Coatings for the Exterior of Steel Water Pipelines (Revision)

d. C217-04, AWWA Standard for Petrolatum and Petroleum Wax Tape Coatings for the Exterior of Connections and Fittings for Steel Water Pipelines (Revision)

e. C302-04, AWWA Standard for Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe, Noncylinder Type (Revision)

f. C561-04, AWWA Standard for Fabricated Stainless Steel Slide Gates (First Edition)

g. C606-04, AWWA Standard for Grooved and Shouldered Joints (Revision)

h. C703-04, AWWA Standard for Cold-Water Meters-Fire-Service Type (Revision)

i. D110-04, AWWA Standard for Wire-and Strand-Wound, Circular, Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks (Revision)

j. G200-04, AWWA Standard for Distribution Systems Operation and Management (First Edition)


11. Elected Andrew W. Richardson to serve as the Association's President-Elect for a one-year term beginning in June 2004. Mr. Richardson will assume the Presidency of AWWA in June 2005.

12. Elected the following members of the Board of Directors to serve a one-year term as Association Vice-President beginning in June 2004:

13. Elected Melissa Wisely to a three-year term as a Director-at-Large on the AWWA Board of Directors beginning in June 2004.

14. Confirmed John C. Anderson as AWWA Treasurer from June 2004 to June 2008.

15. Approved replacing the annual conference banquet with a reception that will feature some official functions.

16. Approved the Partnering Agreement between AWWA and the Canadian Water & Wastewater Association.

17. Approved adding a liaison from the Canadian Affairs Committee to the Utility Quality Programs Committee.

18. Approved revisions to the Partnering Agreement between AWWA and the Australian Water Association.

19. Approved a dues assessment for OWWA, A Section of AWWA in the amount of $15 U. S. to be applied to all members. The revenue will be used to fund government affairs initiatives and provide for additional paid staff.

20. Approved revisions to the Association's 403(b) and 457(b) Plans.

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