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Nebraska Section AWWA Board Minutes
May 20, 2004

Meeting was held on May 20, 2004 at the Fremont, NE City Council Chambers. Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m. Present were: Kristine Ranslem, Larry Andreasen, John Olsson, Bruce Dvorak, Joel Christensen, John Miriovsky, Tony Bilek, Kevin Tobin, Mari Matulka, Rob Pierce, Dennis Watts, Ben Day, Chris Koenig, and Michael Wentink. Motion made by Larry Andreasen to approve the March 15, 2004 minutes; seconded by Kevin Tobin. Motion approved by all.

Treasurer's Report

Kevin Tobin presented the current balance sheet. Balance reflects the receipt of the Section allotment. No further discussion. Motion to approve treasurer's report was made by Tony Bilek; seconded by Larry Andreasen. Motion approved by all.

Director's Report -- No report.

Committee Reports

Old Business

  1. Larry Andreasen reported that there is nothing new with the Section Strategic Plan. It may be discussed at a future meeting.
  2. Joel Christensen reported that he and John Olsson attended the regional meeting in Rapid City, SD. The national support team made comment that our region has the lowest number of attendees at the regional meetings. Discussion at this meeting included changing the dates and other possible options. Next year's regional meeting will be in Bismark ,ND. John Olsson commented that he was impressed with the programs available through National.
  3. John Olsson reported on the Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) including a fact sheet and provided a description of the process and exchange of information. RISS is a disaster and anti-terrorist information exchange system developed to provide information for law enforcement and vulnerable entities/facilities. Discussion followed including the time involved by the Section if participating, liability, dissemination of information, etc. This will be further discussed at the next meeting.

New Business

  1. The Section Leaders Summer Workshop is scheduled for July 23-24 in Boulder, CO. Inquiry was made of who was planning to attend.
  2. The 2 percent contract with NHHS R&L was discussed. It was suggested that scholarships to be provided as per the contract, should include attendance at the fall conference. This item will be included as a change in the 2percent contract and be submitted to NHHS R&L for their concurrence.
  3. Board discussed continuance of paid staff contract. Use of paid staff has been of great assistance, however due to costs involved has impacted the annual budgets. Discussion included conduction of teleconferences and bookkeeping items through the use of volunteers. Motion made by Tony Bilek to terminate the use of paid staff at the conclusion of the contract. Motion seconded by John Miriovsky and approved by all. An existing Ad Hoc Committee will coordinate the transition. Board members asked to submit any needed By-Laws changes referencing paid staff.

Due to other commitments of several officers during the next scheduled (July 22) board meeting, the next meeting is re-scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on July 15 at the Fremont Municipal Building Council Chambers. Dennis Watts made motion to adjourn the meeting. Mike Wentink seconded, and all approved.

Submitted for approval June 14, 2004 by Michael Wentink, NSAWWA secretary.

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