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New Recruits Help Steady Membership Amid Retirement Wave

Hello fellow AWWA members! Fall Conference was very successful with similar attendance to previous years. We had over 80 vendors to fill the exhibit area, which was right at the top of the total for past years. At Fall Conference we recognized our new Life Members, Silver Water Drop honorees, and new members. Congratulations! Recently the Board of Directors budgeted for polo shirts and T-shirts which were given away to members at the Fall Conference. The members seemed to appreciate the gesture and we think this could be a regular thing in coming years.

We continue to track along similar membership numbers for the past few years. As in past years, we have an uptick in membership around Fall Conference and we think membership will finish with about 1% growth and total 353 members. This small growth meets the goal set by AWWA so we are hopeful our speculation is right. We have had significant departures from our organization and the industry due to retirements, so we continue to recruit new members. Special thanks to Rob Pierce who continues to help us promote AWWA at League training events around the state.

In December we will continue the process of contacting new members who joined in the last quarter to engage them and learn about their experiences. This is in an effort to retain their interest and learn more about their needs. We have quite a few new members who have expressed interest in joining committees, so that was exciting to hear.

Finally, Marc Rosso has again applied to be selected for the national membership committee. He was encouraged to do so by AWWA staff. Selections are made in early 2017 and we are hopeful his submittal is accepted and Nebraska is represented on the national level at AWWA.

Life Members

Thomas W. Barnes
John H. Jansen, Jr.

Silver Water Drop

Kent Bienlien
Mark A. Bowman
Joel G. Christensen
Roger L. Coffey
Jerry Deal
Glenn H. Dostal
Robert E. Dreessen
Bruce I. Dvorak
Kenneth Ekeler
William Fish
Scott L. Keep
Kenneth J. Kempf
Chris J. Koenig
Kevin P. McGill
Brent L. Moore
Monte L. Moss
Gerald Pesek
James A. Shields
Dennis J. Smith
Ron J. Sova
Marty A. Stange
Kirk W. Stocker
Kevin P. Tobin