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Don't Wait for Someone Else to Say "Thanks"

There are a lot of hard-working employees in the water/wastewater area who day after day go above and beyond in their job duties. Some people would say these workers receive a paycheck and say that is enough. We can do better.

Please take a few minutes to recognize these workers who continually put forth extra effort because they take PRIDE in the work that they do. The Awards Committee is asking for nominations of individuals for a variety of different awards.

The awards committee added some new awards in 2013 and very few of these awards have been utilized. These are the Water Treatment Plant Operator Award, Cross Connection Control Program Award, Cross Connection Specialist of the Year Award, Longevity Award, and Outstanding Supervisor/Operator Award. We also have many other awards that are listed on the Nebraska Section website and other awards are listed on the National AWWA website.

There are many deserving individuals who should be nominated for other awards such as the Operators Meritorious Service Award, Volunteer Award and the WISA Award. We are always busy but I hope we take a few minutes to recognize individuals who truly deserve these awards and should have their efforts recognized.