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Valedictory Words from the Outgoing Chair

As I write this article, I am preparing to turn over the Chair's gavel to the new incoming Chair, Ben Day. Reflecting back on this past year, I can say that it has been a pleasure serving the Section in this position. It's an educational experience, having to exercise a leadership role in an organization that is, to a very great and true extent, self-functioning; with the exception of meetings to organize and lead, and papers to sign on behalf of the Section.

Though I have had firsthand witness to it now for the past seven years, it still amazes me at how the Section gets things done in a professional and meaningful manner, with an all-volunteer force. The willingness to give of one's self with no expectation of remuneration or other favor is a rare commodity. This selflessness is constantly exhibited by the Committee Chairs, the Committee Members, and the Board Members, and is second to none of any other volunteer organization I have seen. My hat goes off to all who have, are currently, or will serve this organization in the future.

Without the demonstrated commitment that is shown in every person who steps up to the plate for the Nebraska Section, this would be just another organization that takes its members money and gives little or nothing in return. Instead, we have people who are working very hard to provide training to the water operators and water systems in Nebraska. We are always on the lookout for new ideas that will help make the lives and jobs of our citizens easier and safer. This goes not only for those living and working in Nebraska, but also those who are outside our immediate circle of friends. The Nebraska Section is one part of a vast array of AWWA Sections who contribute to the good of our entire country and world as a whole.

In addition to the many training opportunities we provide, one example of the good we do is the money raised for Water For People through the various functions that are sponsored by the Section every year. Another example is the efforts put forth through our committees, such as the TWS (Total Water Solutions) ad-hoc committee. This committee, chaired by our Director, John Olsson, is looking for ways to improve water use and reuse to benefit water purveyors and customers alike. These are just two examples of how the Section benefits its members. I would strongly encourage anyone who has an interest in helping others to get involved with any of the many NS-AWWA committees. If you have a desire to serve, I am absolutely sure that we can find something you will like to do.

In closing, I look forward to the next year, serving as your Past Chair, and finding good nominees to fill the Board positions that need filling. Again, if you have a desire to serve others, please give me your name for consideration. Thank you to all NS-AWWA Members for allowing me to serve you as the Chair this past year.