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Wise Water Words (three issues)

January 3: Kearney wants residents to think water conservation

January 7: M.U.D. to switch to chloramines January 21

January 7: Two weeks' notice: Your water will change (Omaha World-Herald story)

January 8: Making water even better -- Omaha World-Herald editorial

January 10: Vulnerablity assessments

January 10: Guide to Protecting Sensitive Water Security Information by Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

January 14: Board meeting minutes

January 29: Debate over fluoride in water isn't crystal clear -- Omaha World-Herald

February 1: Sale of water to Colorado targeted -- Omaha World-Herald

February 4: Increased monitoring to protect against atrazine contamination

February 25: Testing the Waters -- NBC Dateline Report on Home Water Treatment Systems

March 17: Water Alert and Conservation Plans

May 30: Water Utility Council Report

June 3: Board meeting minutes

June 23: EPA Technical Report on Drinking Water

July 10: Most states predict water shortages in next decade

July 18: Conservation brochures for your use

July 20: Cities affected by water shortages

July 31: Memorial Field just foul ball away from 1924 water tank -- Kearney Hub

August 9: Nebraska communities can pass laws to protect water supplies -- Lincoln Journal Star

August 13: Board meeting minutes

August 13: Water for People story

August 15: Dozens of cities face curbs on water use -- The Associated Press

August 21: Towns seek arsenic relief -- Omaha World-Herald

September 18: Board meeting minutes

September 30: EPA testing ways to cut arsenic -- Omaha World-Herald

October 8: Tainted Grand Island water raises concerns -- Omaha World-Herald

October 8: Water wells contaminated in Nebraska town -- Associated Press

October 9: Experts disagree on Grand Island water safety -- Omaha World-Herald

October 12: Health risks can lurk in private wells -- Omaha World-Herald

October 15: Water line to replace tainted Grand Island wells -- Associated Press

October 20: Professor says process could clean G.I. wells -- Associated Press

October 20: Alda may retest water to ease residents' minds -- Associated Press

October 21: Scope of Grand Island water contamination probed -- Omaha World-Herald

November 6-7: 2003 Fall Conference agenda

November 7: 2003 Fall Conference Photos

November 10: Federal Regulatory System Effective Dates from Nebraska Health & Human Services

November 20: Rural water project shrinks -- Omaha World-Herald

November 20: Task force backs sales-tax allocation for water -- Omaha World-Herald

November 30: Catching leaks called crucial during dought -- Asociated Press

November 30: Water samples tested for cooper -- Associated Press

November 30: Fuel additive found in municipal wells -- Omaha World-Herald

December 2: Utilities Department stats available online -- Kearney Hub

December 7: New Grand Island water lines nearly complete -- Associated Press

December 10: More groundwater contamination found in Grand Island -- Associated Press

December 11: Washington County water system to solve several problems -- Omaha World-Herald

December 14: General membership meeting minutes, November 6, 2003

December 19: Johanns favors funding for water -- Omaha World-Herald