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October 20, 2003

Alda may retest water to ease residents' minds
by Associated Press

Village officials are considering testing the town's water in light of contamination recently found in private Grand Island wells.

Alda last tested its water in May 2002 and is not required by the state to test again until May 2005. But Village Board Chairman Dave Harders said retesting the water might put residents' minds at ease.

The suggestion to retest comes after residents of at least 50 Grand Island homes were advised not to use their tap water for drinking, dishwashing, showering or bathing. Officials say the contaminated water could give off toxic vapors.

The contaminated Grand Island wells have tested dangerously high for tetrachloroethylene and 1,1-dichloroethylene, both chemicals that can cause liver and kidney damage and cancer.

Alda is seven miles southwest of Grand Island.

Harders said he will raise the subject of retesting village water at the next board meeting.

The cost of testing Alda's two wells is estimated at about $335. It would test for gasoline additives, degreasers and other industrial solvents.

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