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January 8, 2003

Making water even better
Omaha World-Herald editorial

M.U.D.'s move to a more healthful form of water treatment will benefit the entire community.

Metropolitan Utilities District officials have said they will launch their chloramine operation Jan. 21. The treatment involves the use of ammonia as well as chlorine, and removes from the water suspected cancer-causing chemicals called trihalomethanes, which are produced from the interaction of naturally occurring organisms and the chlorine used to make water safe to drink.

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit to M.U.D. customers will be that their water may both smell and taste better when the new chloramine treatment goes into effect. Some people find the existing slight residual chlorine taste and smell objectionable.

M.U.D. moved to the new system, already in use by some other water utilities, as a result of new federal rules on trihalomethanes. Its water has always met the strictest federal requirements for safety and purity; the chloramine treatment will ensure that that continues to be the case.

People who notice the change in the taste or smell of their water can thank M.U.D.. People who don't notice . . . well, M.U.D. will understand.

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