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July 18, 2003

Conservation brochures for your use

While recent rains in some parts of Nebraska provided relief, water-related drought impacts will continue. Water conservation by community water suppliers is critical.

The attached brochures were developed to inform your customers about water conservation techniques.

You are encouraged to copy and distribute these brochures to your customers. The template (pdf) is designed to be photocopied, front and back, and tri-folded to fit a standard #10 envelope. You may print the brochure in any one color.

The color template shows how your brochure would look if taken to a printer and printed in three colors.

Before copying/printing -- Include your local information in the blank space in the center of the back page (after folded). Simply type, cut and paste your information/logo to the original prior to copying.

The brochure templates were developed by the UNL Cooperative Extension Office in partnership with:

Yard -- Outside Home Conservation - black

Yard -- Outside Home Conservation - three colors

Home -- Inside Home Conservation - black

Home -- Inside Home Conservation - three colors

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