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Volunteers Sought to Serve as a Resource to Veterans Interested in Entering Water Industry

The Nebraska Section AWWA is seeking individuals who are willing to volunteer a few hours a year to serve as a resource and sounding board for local veterans interested in entering the water industry.

Volunteers are asked to:

The required a time commitment will vary depending on requests; most volunteers will spend less than 10 hours per year on this project. This volunteer opportunity can be 100% virtual. Volunteers are not required to meet in person with separating military personnel.

The volunteers will be part of a national AWWA network. AWWA will triage the requests and forward them to the appropriate section volunteer. AWWA will provide training for the volunteer network (with tool kits completed by June 2018). The toolkits will include resources for veterans that explain the training needed to work in the water sector and how to connect with education programs and utilities.

If you are willing to serve as a volunteer resource, please contact Bruce Dvorak at bdvorak@unl.edu or (402) 472-3431.