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Membership Engagement and Development Committee Report

The Membership Committee reports 348 members with 14 of those late. This is down from 355 last year. The 2018 membership plan was submitted to AWWA.

The MEDC national committee is working on a student video featuring a JEO intern who wanted to move to South Carolina upon graduation. Marc Rosso connected her with Pat Connelly, then MEDC Chair at AWWA who is higher up at Weston-Sampson in Charlotte. She could interview and they recently offered her a position. The video is in the formative stages and the tentative goal is to show the power of the AWWA network to students.

We continue to work on getting operator training certified by DHHS so that the free online webinars count towards training hours. Marc talked recently with AWWA IT and Nebraska’s Mike Wentink to learn more about what DHHS desires for this and AWWA IT is convinced it can be done. They are working on a pilot project that will test software and will be reporting back soon.

Finally, as part of this committee, Marc will be attending ACE in Las Vegas, NE in June.