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Membership Committee Report

Hello from the Membership Committee!

We are hearing from our membership that the membership committee is doing a great job. While we might be doing some extraordinary things, it is because of the membership that we are a successful committe. So, thanks for supporting NE-AWWA with your time and effort.

In January, Marc Rosso attended the membership summit in Denver. The Thursday session included a great topic led by Sheri Jacobs, President of Avenue M Group, who discussed the AWWA messaging platforms. Each member grade has a specific set of talking points we can use as we discuss what membership means. It was very insightful and we already have implemented some of her strategies for the NE-AWWA.

Examples of the individual platforms follow:

If you would like to learn more, please contact Marc Rosso at mrosso@jeo.com.

We currently have 341 active members with 17 late. Last year at this time we had 348 members, so down slightly. Retirements and students account for almost all of our lost members.

Please be sure to look around your town or company and see if there is a potential member that you know. Tell them about AWWA and if you think they are interested in learning more, ask them to contact the Membership Committee. We are always happy to help with recruitment.