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Wise Water Words - Volume 52, Issue 1 (Spring 2015)

Membership Report

(Submitted by Marc Rosso - JEO)

Hello fellow AWWA members! In this edition of Wise Water Words we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss what membership in AWWA means and let you know how the Nebraska Section is doing.

AWWA offers many benefits to its members. Members receive publications such as the AWWA Journal, Mainstream, and Opflow, and special rates when ordering standards, handbooks, and manuals. Reduced fees for attendance at numerous workshops and seminars are available to members. One of the most important benefits is that your membership in AWWA also makes you a member of the Nebraska Section. Members receive our publication, Wise Water Words, and Section mailings and announcements for meetings, workshops, and other activities. The updated member directory is available on our website. As with any organization, the vitality of ours is dependent upon the continued support and active participation by its members. Please review the various committees found on our website and consider getting involved as a chair or member. The network of professionals is a key aspect to our business.

See the two graphics related to our membership numbers:

When we look at the graphic showing 2012-2014 membership we can see that the Section is relatively stable in overall numbers. In the larger peaks and valleys we can see the time frames where students come and go and the occasional retirement of members.

The second graphic shows the trend of modest growth since 2012. The Nebraska Section has always enjoyed a membership group that is loyal and does not vary widely like some other Sections. We think this can be attributed to the many activities the Nebraska Section has and the close relationships many of us have with each other.

Last, we know that the vitality of our membership is because of members like you. Please take the time to visit with your co-workers or industry friends and recruit a new member today. Thanks for your membership in AWWA. We hope to see you at an upcoming event.