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Wise Water Words - Volume 51, Issue 3 (Fall/Winter 2014)

Fall Conference Poker Tournament

(Submitted by Brittany Travers - WTG Midwest)

The AWWA Young Professionals committee teamed with the NWEA YP committee to hold the 4th Annual Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament to benefit Water for People. The event was a big success with approximately 56 participants. While the number of participants was down from last year, a large increase in our sponsorships helped us raise $3,250 -- which is up from last year. Water for People's mission is to provide sustainable access to clean water to 100% of people in 30 states within 9 countries. The money we raised will go to the general fund which works toward that goal. This year, two of the 30 districts will have reached 100% access, which is a true success.

All players received prizes from event sponsors. Cash prizes were given to the top five winners: The AWWA and NWEA YP Committees would like to thank our partner for this event, Bert Gurney & Associates, who provided refreshments for all participants. We would also like to thank our Gold sponsors (HDR, Electric Pump, Layne Christensen Company, Lincoln Winwater Company, Miller Mechanical Specialties, Vessco and Vulcan Industries) and our Silver sponsors (JEO, WTG Midwest, Beehive Industries, Commonwealth Electric Company, JCI industries, Kirkham Michael & Associates, Mellen & Associates, and Olsson Associates).