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Nominations Committee of the Nebraska Section AWWA

2013 Report

Per committee chair Rob Pierce, the Nebraska Section AWWA nominations committee submits the following names as its recommended slate of members to serve on the section board for 2013/2014:

[Positions Filled Automatically]

Chair: David Lathrop
Past Chair/Trustee: Eric Lee

[Slate of Candidates]

Chair-Elect: Doug Woodbeck
Vice-Chair: Ben Day
Secretary: Chad Roberts
Treasurer: Eric Melcher
Trustee: Jim Shields
Trustee: Milo Rust
Trustee: Mary Poe
Trustee: Eric Lehmann
Director: John Olsson

The elections will be conducted at the business meeting at the Fall Conference this November.

If you have questions, please contact the Nominations Committee: nominations@awwaneb.org.